Voiced By

Lisa Yamanaka

Yoko is a character featured in Timothy Goes To School


Physical Appearance

Yoko is pale grey with three whiskers on each cheek. Harry On the top of her head she has three, slightly darker grey lines to match her tail markings. Her nose and inner-ear are pale pink, while her eyes are green.


Yoko is very friendly and sweet. She is a bit withdrawn compared to the louder, more approachable students, but is kind and sweet. She appears somewhat more mature than some of her classmates and is highly delicate. At first, she worried over what the other students would think about her due to her cultural differences, but over time she began to grow proud of it and befriended them. She is smart and will stand up for the others if she believes someone is being mean or rude. 


Yoko usually wears a yellow dress with a red jacket. At the center is a peach strip with white buttons on it.



Yoko and Timothy are best friends who can often be found with one-another. They care a lot about each other and express sadness when the other one doesn't wish to play with them or do things with them and have trouble adjusting to the other one being busy or with someone else. She sticks up for Timothy and really cares about him. 

Female Classmates

Yoko is usually seen with them, normally Lilly. She gets along with all of the female students. 

Mrs. Jenkins

Yoko admires her teacher and because of her, realized that other than being a violinist, she would also enjoy becoming a Teacher when she grows up.

Miss. Appleberry

Yoko admires Miss Appleberry, just like she does with Mrs Jenkins. She has been her assistant in running the class and timing.

Yoko's mom

Yoko and her mom have a good bond between one another. Her mom is always there when Yoko needs help and she is always positive about Yoko.


  • In the book series, written by Rosemary Wells, Yoko was the main character of two book series. Some books included (but not limited to): YokoYoko Writes Her Name, Yoko's Paper Cranes, and Yoko's World of Kindness.
    • A few of the episodes from the series were changed from Yoko-based stories. Such as Mama Don't Go, which cast Yoko as the star in the book, but Juanita in the cartoon.
  • In the books, it was revealed that Yoko lived in Japan when she was really little. Her father is still in Japan, which explains his absense.
  • In the books, Yoko had eyes more closely resembling that of a feline.
  • Her character was based on a girl named Violet from the "Timothy Goes to School" book.
  • In the books, Yoko's outfits have a floral print while the jacket had a single button clasped.