Timothy Goes to School

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September 8, 2000 (Canada)
September 30, 2000 (United States)

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"Timothy Goes to School" is the first episode of the animated series.


Timothy is excited to go to school for the first time but after he meets a fellow classmate named Claude that doesn't seem to like him, he starts to feel sad and tries to earn his approval.


One day Timothy is in his bedroom drawing when his parents arrive with a letter for him. It is an invitation to attend the Hilltop School Kindergarten. Timothy asks if he can go and his mother confirms that it is time to begin going to school, much to his excitement. His father reminds him that he has a day to wait, so he spends the time preparing by trying to pick out an outfit and get his items together. After his mother reveals the outfit she made for him, his dad joins them to remind Timothy that it's bed time. Too excited to sleep, Timothy remains awake- just long enough to wonder how the day will go.

Changing into his overalls the next day, Timothy quickly prepares for school. But he stops as he nears the bus outside waiting, worried he won't know anybody. His mom reminds him that Doris is there, and with annoyance Timothy greets her before stepping onto the bus. For a moment the students exchange glances before the bus driver introduces himself as Henry. As Timothy reaches the back to sit with Doris, he comes across a girl cat, who greets him before he sits down.

Eventually they arrive to school, where Timothy takes the time to observe everything and everyone interact with one-another. Mrs. Jenkins decides to have everyone sit down and she plays the piano and sings to them, allowing everyone to get to know the names of their classmates. Once they finish singing, she decides to have them start with some drawing. Things go well until Timothy compliments the picture made by Claude, who observes Timothy before commenting on his chosen attire; leaving Timothy to feel down for the rest of the day. 

He arrives home and for the remainder of the day remains somewhat depressed while preparing for bed later that evening. His mother is concerned for him and tries to help, picking out a nice jacket for him to wear instead. Timothy is sure it will impress Claude, but to his disappointment, Claude criticizes the fact that he is overdressed now.

At home, Timothy mopes and tosses his backpack aside, telling his Mom that he doesn't want to go back to school. Seeing that his day wasn't any better, she offers to let Timothy pick out his own outfit for the next day instead, and he agrees to this.

The next day Timothy shows up, wearing his favorite blue and white striped shirt that he chose himself. He finds everyone playing and is joined by Yoko and Charles, who have come to ask him to play with them. But Timothy is more concerned over seeing Claude to get another opinion. Yoko points out that the shirt looks familiar to her and to Timothy's surprise- he finds Claude wearing it. By now Timothy believes Claude will really enjoy his chosen outfit and he approaches to comment on how they wore the same shirt. Claude tells Timothy that even if it seems like he wore something that Timothy chose to wear, it was probably Timothy copying him and he walks off.

By now, Timothy feels defeated, but upon seeing a ball heading right for Yoko he calls to her and runs over to try to save her from it. Before he can get to her, Claude shoves him out of the wall at the last seccond and comments on catching the football before he rejoins the Franks. Yoko helps Timothy up before calling Claude a showoff who thinks he knows everything. Suddenly, Timothy realizes that this entire time he was so concerned over what Claude thought, he forgot all about enjoying himself.

Yoko, happy to see that he is feeling better, invites him to come over to her house after school. Timothy agrees and they run off to play tag.


Timothy learned that he should have been enjoying himself, rather than worry over what one classmate thought about him. By being himself he made a friend and had a lot of fun.


  • Timothy: Can I go mom?
  • Timothy's Mom: Yes, Timothy, its time to go to school.


  • Timothy: Mom!
  • Timothy's Mom: What's the matter, Timothy?
  • Timothy: I won't know anybody.
  • Timothy's Mom: 'Sure you will. Doris will be on the bus.
  • Timothy: Doris...?


  • Claude: You know Timothy, nobody wears overalls on the first day of school...


  • Claude: Timothy, nobody wears party clothes on the second day of school.



  • The intro uses clips from this episode, but modified.
  • Not counting the Franks, Doris and Timothy are the only children revealed to know each other prior to attending school.
  • For his first day of school, Timothy left at 11:17 am.
  • Parts Cut/Edited on Qubo:
    • The scene with Timothy's mom talking to him before revealing the overalls is shortened.

Book Differences

  • Timothy cries twice in the book. At one point while at school, and at one point when he gets home and seeks comfort from his mom.
  • At one point Timothy wishes something embarrassing would happen to Claude, such as him falling in mud or making a mistake.
  • Originally, the book ended with Timothy befriending a girl named Violet (who is very similar to Yoko), while Claude and Grace (who was originally a bunny) laugh at them, although they are ignored.


  • As Timothy is drawing, he has a red, pink, white, and black colored pencil in the box. Inches from it was a brown, purple, and cyan colored pencil. However, when he is shown drawing from the back, the three colored pencils away from the box are now purple, brown, and fuchsia. The cyan colored pencil is shown in a different spot.
  • When the children sit on the shapes, Nora sat on a square and Fritz is on the triangle. As Mrs. Jenkins sings and the camera pans around them, Nora is on a triangle and Fritz is now on a circle.
  • A line was added to Timothy's sun drawing that he was not shown making.
  • The envelope front was facing Timothy as his mom showed it to him. But before he sees it, the back is now facing him.
  • The flowers in the planter in front of Timothy's room change throughout the bedroom scene. Originally there was a few of them scattered around. When he looks out the window later, a lot more were added. From an inside view, there are other colored flowers instead of them all being red.
  • Yoko is shown using a green colored pencil, but her drawing is grey.
  • Timothy's mother has brown feet, but during a scene when she sits with Timothy on his bed they are suddenly dark brown.
  • When Timothy takes his colored pencils out, the box is turned up. When the camera zooms in on his hand for him to open the container, it is suddenly upside down.
    • Also note that when Timothy opens the container, a variety of colors are visible. But as soon as they begin to fall out, they have suddenly all become fuchsia, lavender, orange, blue, red, and yellow.
    • When the camera zooms out, only two colored pencils are near him, even though he dumped the entire set out. When Timothy decides to draw the school as well, the ones shown to be dumped out are next to him.
  • Nora is on the swing set near the end of the episode. When Timothy goes to show Claude they have the same shirt on, she is suddenly gone. When the ball rolls near Timothy afterwards, she returns.
  • When Timothy sits down with Grace and Doris on the carpet, they appear smaller than him.