"Timothy's Way" is episode 22. It first aired on November 4, 2000.

Timothy's Way


Timothy is unable to think of something he can do that the other students can't.


One day, while waiting for the bus Timothy plays with his marbles. He grabs them as the bus shows up and upon arrival to the school, the class observe some birds. Yoko describes a bird, which gets identified as a Barn Swallow. Lily asks Mrs. Jenkins how she knows so much and she explains that she really likes birds, and when someone likes something a lot, they want to learn all about it. Starting tomorrow, she decides that everyone will get a chance to teach the rest of the class about something they are passionate about.

As they have snack, everybody discusses their plans for teaching; with Grace wanting to show Ballet, Claude might show everyone how he plays the Saxophone, Charles will show everyone how to make cartoon faces, while Frank and Frank will probably teach Football. Yoko shows Timothy her plans of paper folding, then asks Timothy if he has any ideas. He considers making Paper Airplanes, then realizes Fritz and the Franks know how to make those already.

During recess, while the four of them play football, the Franks go over their plans. Such as showing everybody how to punt the ball and so on. Recess comes to an end but Timothy still has no idea. This continues as the day ends, as Mrs. Jenkins asks the class if they have all thought of something. When they confirm this, she sets Fritz, Nora, Timothy, and Grace to teach the following day. Timothy asks to go on the third day though, so Yoko offers to help him by switching places.

Yoko asks Timothy if he thought of anything yet, but he reveals he hasn't. He feels a bit embarrassed that he's the only one who wasn't able to think of anything.

The next day while eating breakfast, Timothy still doesn't know. He asks to invite Charles home after school, then takes off after his mom allows it.

In school, Fritz shows everyone what he knows about Static Electricity. The Franks demonstrate for him how it works, then Yoko takes her turn to show everyone the various Origami she made. She checks the rest of the class and compliments their own attempts, then Grace takes her turn by showing them what she most recently earned in Ballet class. Including the terms used for it before the Franks demonstrate.

At home, Timothy and Charles play in the sandbox. After an avalanche, Timothy takes his marbles to use as boulders and Charles compliments them. He asks what Timothy does with them, but before he gets a chance to show them, Charles' mother shows up to take her son home. So Timothy offers to show the marbles to him during school the next day.

Later, while in the bath, Timothy fills his mom in on what they were doing that day. He asks his mom if she has any ideas, but she is sure that he can think of something in due time. While he isn't sure, his mood has been improved.

The next day Timothy grabs his bag of marbles and steps onto the bus. In school, Claude plays his saxophone for everyone and Mrs. Jenkins goes over a magic trick Lily learned. She shows everyone a button, then puts it into a cloth. She picks it up and the button is shown missing, until she reveals the trick is to use double-sided tape. With that Mrs. Jenkins calls Recess and everybody goes outside. As Timothy shows Charles how to play with the marbles, the others slowly begin to gain interest and ask to be shown the game. This makes Timothy realize that he is teaching everybody how to play marbles, which means he was able to think of something special that only he knew.




  • On the table, Timothy had two sheets of paper and glue. But during his discussion with Yoko, he only has one paper and no glue.
  • As Fritz does his demonstration, an equation reading 5 - 13 = 8. But technically this is wrong, 13 can't be taken from 5, or else the answer would be -8.
  • Charles was holding a blue marble, but after being called by Timothy's mother, he moves his hand in a way implying its no longer in his hand.