The Sleepover

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October 14, 2000

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The Sleepover is the tenth episode of Timothy Goes to School.


After the Franks are invited to spend the evening at Timothy's while their father is busy with work, Timothy attempts to portray himself as mature to avoid letting them see how babyish he thinks he is.


During recess the Franks play with Timothy. They show him how to properly hit the soccer ball with his head to avoid hurting himself. He has so much fun that he talks about it to Yoko on their way home. It's then he notices Claude observing a picture of a bike, along with the others. When Timothy remarks on the lack of training wheels, everyone is quick to point out that Training Wheels are babyish. He agrees with it, then steps off of the bus.

Inside, Timothy's mom informs him that the Frank's will be staying over for the night. She explains that their Father has to work for the evening and they have nobody else to watch them. His mom is confused when Timothy shows disappointment- and he quickly asks that she uses a different set of dishes to avoid looking like a baby. His mother agrees to switch them out and he runs off to clean his room. There he hides his stuffed animal, Pengy beneath his bed.

At the Frank's, their father reminds them to use good manners. They promise they will and leaves to let them finish. As Frank 2 grabs something and puts it into the bag, Frank 1 happens to notice. He tries to find out what may be inside, but their dad reminds them they need to get going and Frank 2 quickly leaves the room.

In Timothy's room the boys play and rough house. They head off to the dining room when Timothy's dad calls dinner and together they eat. Seeing how energetic the boys are, Timothy's dad decides to try to calm them down by playing basketball- which only ends up tiring out himself and Timothy. Eventually he ends the game and they resume playing inside in Timothy's room until his dad reminds them that they need to get ready for bed. 

They continue to goof off the entire time until they finish. Timothy's dad checks on them a final time, asking if they are ready for bed before shutting off the light and leaving the room. Right away Timothy and Frank 2 struggle to get to sleep, uncomfortable without their stuffed animals.

As Timothy attempts to find Pengy, he accidentally finds a stuffed bulldog beneath the bed instead. Not recognizing it he shows it to the Franks and Frank 1 is quick to critisize his brother for bringing it, worried that Timothy will make fun of them now. But he assures them he won't, and shows them Pengy, promising not to tell as long as they won't. They agree and together the trio lay back down. While Timothy and Frank 2 peacefully sleep, Frank 1 finds himself too anxious to fall asleep.



  • Charles, Grace, and Nora are absent in this episode.
  • Fritz and Lily make a voiceless cameo in this episode.
  • This is the only episode that doesn't feature the inside of the school.
  • Mrs. Jenkins is not shown in this episode.


  • As the trio pop out from under the sleeping bag and are told to get ready for bed, it is shown to be a lot larger than it should be with the size it is.
    • Also note that Timothy's hands are light brown like his body. They should be dark brown.
  • When Frank 2 says that they won’t tell Timothy about his bedtime toy he and Frank 1 swap voices.
  • Frank 2 wears the blue pajamas and Frank 1 wears green, but at the end of the episode Frank 1 is shown wearing the blue top.
  • The Frank's were shown holding their items while packing, but when their dad approaches to speak to them, the items have changed. Then after he leaves, Frank 1 is shown picking up the pajama shirt.
  • During dinner, there are only two glasses on the table, but later a third is visible.
  • Timothy's dad had food in his bowl and a spoon to eat, but as he suggests playing basketball, both have gone missing.
    • Also note that throughout the scene, Timothy's mom had no food, but she did have a bowl. The cup that was near her also went missing at the end of the scene.