"The Greatest" is the twenty-ninth episode of Timothy Goes to School.

The Greatest

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After Norman gets loose Timothy is more than happy when he finds the Lizard and Nora begins to look up to him. But after she starts to get too dependent on him- obligation soon sets in and he is forced into helping the others.


One early morning in class Nora is preparing to check on Norman and feed him when she realizes he has gone missing. After informing Mrs. Jenkins, she hurriedly tells the rest of the class and they begin to look for the missing lizard. Timothy assures Nora they will find him, and as everyone looks around he suddenly spots the missing lizard scurrying by in the hallway and picks him up. He returns Norman to Nora, who thanks him and returns the lizard to his tank before commenting that Timothy is "the greatest", and her hero.

Later, Nora and Charles are playing dress up but Charles struggles to reach a hat on a tall shelf. Timothy gives him a lift, but seeing that it is too big for him, he gets an idea and puts some fabric to pad it, allowing Charles to wear the hat better. Norma compliments him once more, which soon repeats after he helps her during art time, after steadying her easel. He compliments her picture and she thanks him before revealing she ran out of green paint; expressing surprise after Timothy reveals that by mixing blue and yellow, one can make green. She compliments him again and resumes her painting.

Eventually the class begins working on puzzles. Lilly struggles with the puzzle she and Nora are working on when they happen to notice that Timothy and Yoko have already finished. She approaches to compliment him again before bringing up how smart Timothy probably is, then walks off. This leaves Yoko amused and Timothy agrees.

Soon, Nora struggles opening her backpack when Timothy sees. He attempts to fix the buckled strap when Nora takes off to have some grape juice with Doris, and Yoko comes by to find him trying to open it. She suggests Timothy just tell Nora that he can't get it open, but he refuses to quit. By the time he gets it open, Doris accidentally spills the grape juice, but before she can get Mrs. Jenkins, Nora brings up that Timothy can do it so they take off to let him clean up the miss. Begrudgingly Timothy heads into the room.

As the class work on drawings, Lilly is unable to find her markers. Nora recommends that she asks Timothy after spotting his, and unwilling to say no, he hands them over and asks for the nearby crayons. Yoko can only watch in concern, sighing as Timothy resumes drawing. She continues to try to help him realize that he should say something when he runs away to hide from Nora a bit later, after hearing her and Grace approach. By this point Timothy agrees and heads off for lunch with the others. But during lunch he ends up sitting next to Fritz, who is displeased with the lunch his mother made. Nora suggests asking Timothy since she is sure he will trade- but Yoko tries to help him stand up for himself. In the end, Timothy remains unable to say no and accepts the trade.

Just then Mrs. Jenkins reveals that Norman has escaped again. Everyone gets up to look for him again, but as Timothy overhears Nora he struggles trying to determine what to do and doesn't put much effort into looking. By accident he just happens to stumble upon the lizard, but after he hesitates to get him, Norman leaves, allowing the Franks to capture him. Delighted by this, he watches as Nora suddenly shifts her admiration to the twins and she asks them to help make a lid for Norman's tank to make sure he stays in it- along with making a few more requests.