"Red Thunder" is episode 17 of Timothy Goes To School.  It aired on October 28, 2000 alongside "Putting It All Together".

Red Thunder


After showing off his brand new bike and gaining attention from the others, Timothy gains a major confidence boost in himself. But after he witnesses Doris' older brothers doing a dangerous stunt, he finds himself tempted to try it for himself while playing with the Franks.


Henry grabs the last bike off of the bus and he puts it down, remarking on how new it is. Everyone is impressed by this and compliment it before Mrs. Jenkins greets them. She decides that for the special event, Henry will be taking charge and he decides to let the children introduce their bikes to each other; though he does tell the Franks not to do wheelies - which are not part of Bike and Fun Safety Day. Nora shows how noisy her bike is, while Fritz shows everyone the impressive features he has in his own bike. Finally, Timothy tells everyone about his bike, which he got for his birthday, just recently.

With that, he decides they can begin. He brings the children to the safety course they set up. He makes sure that Timothy has his helmet strapped on, then he has him demonstrate the proper response at a stop sign. Upon reaching it, Timothy stops and looks both ways, then Henry allows him to pass while he tells the other children how good he did and asks Timothy to show the other children how to do what he just did, then, proud of their hard work, Henry decides the children can have a lunch break. To Timothy's surprise, everyone is giving him a lot more attention; even Claude. He asks Yoko about it and she comments that he looks "bigger", with this impressive bike, which makes Timothy happy.

After Lunch Henry decides to give the children a course test. He tells them of his plans and what he will be judging, then he starts. All of the children go through, one-by-one. But as the Franks take their turn, he looks to find out that the boys took the team to knock down all of the cones and comments that this wasn't actually the point of the exercise. Mrs. Jenkins tells them that the Bike and Fun Safety Day is finished, and Henry hands out rewards for those who did extra-good. He gives them to the Franks due to how quick they cleared the course, Claude and Grace for accuracy, and one to Timothy. He then packs the bikes and drives the children to their homes.

Stopping at Doris' place, the Franks and Timothy watch as they spot her older brothers performing jumps off of a small ramp. The boys are very impressed and want to do it too, but Henry quickly informs them that they shouldn't be doing these things - since they are so little. Disappointed, the boys accept what he has told them, so the boys begin to discuss making plans. The Franks asks Timothy to hang out later on and they spend their time riding bikes. The Franks dad goes to the front of the yard to mow the lawn, but before he goes he tells them to continue riding safely. At firs this seems to work, but when the boys find themselves bored they decide to try building a small ramp; despite being told no already.

Timothy decides he will go first once the Franks start to bicker, but as soon as Timothy approaches the ramp, he goes flying into the air and lands on the ground. He claims to be fine, but the noise alerts the Franks dad and he scolds the boys for what they did. Timothy apologizes for what he did and while a bit frustrated, their dad claims that since he didn't get hurt it's fine, then he offers to fix Timothy's bike for him. Before Timothy thanks him and spots his dad approaching to pick him up. He says goodbye to them and thanks him again before taking off, but while making their way home Timothy decides to honestly tell his dad the truth of what happened.



  • When Mrs. Jenkins asks the children how they enjoyed their school day, Yoko responds. But when she responds, Charles moves his head, as if he was talking instead.
  • This is the very first episode in which Lilly is absent.


  • As Henry tells the children how good Timothy did on the obstacle course; Yoko's hands are colored pink.
  • When Nora is showing her bike to everyone and telling them about it, she's not wearing her helmet but when she's riding it and Henry saying "well everyone will sure hearing you coming and going" as she rides past him, she's wearing her helmet.