Paint by Numbers

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October 14, 2000

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Paint By Numbers is the ninth episode of Timothy Goes to School.


Doris finds herself feeling left out when the other children are unable to understand the way she likes to paint and criticize it. But in this time she finds out that someone likes it and starts bonding with them.


Seeing how messy the classroom has become, Mrs. Jenkins decides to have a "place race" to inspire the children to clean up. Once they finish she reveals her plans to have a painting day tomorrow and sends them home, but Doris is a bit anxious since she doesn't really do any painting.

When she arrives home Doris tries to speak to her family about it, but they provide little to no help. More so, every time one brother at a time interrupts Doris, frustrating her.

The following day everyone prepares to start. Mrs. Jenkins decides to teach them about mixing colors, starting with the three primaries: Red, Yellow, and Blue. Timothy creates orange, while Yoko finds green, and Claude purple. Mrs. Jenkins goes on to explain what happens when white is added, and shows everyone after Charles is able to create Pink. After the Franks manage to produce brown, Doris shows everyone what she got: a shade of teal, which she doesn't know. However, they find her art to be strange and don't respond very well to it, worrying her until Charles assures Doris its a nice color.

Mrs. Jenkins passes out brand new pieces of paper to the class and suggests they all paint things that make them happy. Doris observes the others before she thinks up an idea, but by the time she finishes they are left curious and confused and do not like this work either. Before sending the children home, Mrs. Jenkins passes out some permission slips. She asks them to get their parents signatures to allow them to attend the field trip to the art museum. By now Doris is unsure and somewhat ashamed of her work, which only worsens when she gets home and her family is unable to really understand it either.

The next day when everyone lines up, Mrs. Jenkins notes that Doris isn't there. Timothy points her out at the nearby corner and Mrs. Jenkins approaches her to see what the matter is. Doris reveals her feelings, only for Charles to remind her that he likes her art. Together they are able to  convince her to come and they head to the Museum.

There, Mrs. Jenkins reminds them to stay together and to be open-minded while observing everything. Together everyone teams up, with Charles inviting Doris to join him as they head into the first room. Quickly they all begin to recognize various pieces of artwork that remind them of what they painted previously. By now, Doris feels disheartened until they reach the room full of Abstract Art. She happens to spot a painting that looks exactly like hers- but while the other children don't appreciate the art and head into another room, Doris requests that she and Charles stay behind to look at them some more.

Later, in her bedroom Doris has invited Charles over. She hangs up several images she has painted when her brothers suddenly show up to ask her what she is up to, and to point out that dinner is ready. Doris reveals that she was inspired to make a museum of all her art, happily pointing out that she and Charles will both be able to see it. With that they head to the dinner table, with Doris reminding Charles that he may need to speak up.



  • On Qubo, the following scenes were edited out or shortened:
    • At the beginning, the students remark on the messy classroom.
    • As the "Place Race" starts, Doris is shown up close to call to Timothy.
    • Doris' uneasiness over painting.
    • Doris' mother calls for her, only to find Doris right behind her. She asks Doris to get her brothers, but Doris yells for them instead.
    • Doris observes the class to see Grace paint a flower, which she then crumples up and tosses aside.
      • This explains why several crumpled up papers surround Grace's feet in another scene.
    • After Doris' mom suggests hanging her painting on the fridge she takes it into the kitchen and everyone follows after her. She hangs up it, only for Doris to reveal it was put upside-down, causing her brothers to laugh.
  • This is the first episode where Doris' family is introduced.
  • Fritz did not appear in this episode. It took place over the course of three days, meaning he was absent for that length of time.


  • The pencil Grace held was yellow, but after she puts it into the cup it turns light green.
  • Doris' father states he painted the house blue, however, nor the inside or outside is blue.
  • All of the children were given cups of blue, yellow, and red paint. But after Mrs. Jenkins starts to walk around, some of them are seen with black or white paint.
  • Yoko's paint went missing as she made green, but as Mrs. Jenkins walks by the pots of paint have returned.
    • The same happens to various other students in other shots.
  • Before and after the students show their works of art, nothing is visible on their canvas, nor are they shown to be holding the pictures or putting them aside, except for Doris.
  • During the first dinner at Doris' house, nobody had utensils and no food had been on the table.
    • During the second dinner the same thing happens, but her parents are shown randomly obtaining forks. 
  • Yoko is absent at the first group scene at the Museum. After Mrs. Jenkins tells them "listening ears" she appears in the group, between Timothy and Doris.
  • Before going to the museum, Doris was shown looking at pink flowers and a single purple. But when shown from behind, the flowers are spread out beween yellow, purple, and pink.
  • In her bedroom Doris has shoes on the floor. Before her brothers call for her, she is shown walking over them with no stumbling or movement implying she actually touched them.