Voiced By

Alyson Court


Timothy, Yoko, Doris, Lily, Juanita, Charles, Fritz

Nora is a character featured in Timothy Goes To School. *Bella


Physical Appearance

Nora is a pale brown mouse with pale pink inner-ear, nose, hands, feet, and tail. She has thin whiskers, two on each cheek, and small black eyes.


Nora is confident and sometimes pushy. She is extremely noisy and loud when she wants attention- and she enjoys odd things; such as reptile pets or bugs. She is normally upbeat and means well, but she is also childish and has a very short temper. At times, she can also be stubborn and struggles to adjust to changes.

Deep down, Nora appears to be concerned over her size. She is also caring and considerate towards those she considers her friends. At times, she can be understanding and respectful, but at other times she can be bossy. She is also a diva.


Nora wears a fuchsia dress with a pale yellow collar and light blue buttons. In 1 episode Small Change, she wore a fuchsia skirt with a soft pink shirt over it.

Her pajamas consist of a dark pink sleeveless shirt.



Nora seems to respect Timothy on some level. She doesn't argue with him argue and doesn't seem to have much of a temper around him. He has helped her a few times.


Due to their loud personalities, the girls get along pretty well.

Lily and Fritz

Nora is normally seen with one of them and considers them to be good friends of hers.

Charles and Yoko

When not with Lilly or Fritz, Nora can be found with one of them. She gets along well with Yoko and Charles, both of whom are somewhat reserved in comparison. However, she did once get annoyed when Charles's figure didn't touch the floor like hers and everyone else's.


  • In her book, "Noisy Nora," she was regarded for being mischievous and caused her parents annoyance.
  • Nora is the only child with a known older sister (Kate) and baby brother (Jack).
  • Nora's family frequently holds a tea party at their home.
  • Norman was originally her pet.
  • Nora was one of Rosemary Wells's first created characters.
  • Nora is on a child's soccer team, as revealed in "The Gift."
  • Her actress is Alyson Court who is best known for her role as Loonette the Clown on the Big Comfy Couch.
  • Nora is absent in the episode "The Sleepover."