Mrs. Jenkins




Red Fox


Voiced By

Fiona Reid

Mrs. Jenkins is a character featured in Timothy Goes To School. She teaches the students of Hill Top School.


Physical Appearance

Mrs. Jenkins is a tall, bright orange fox (though classified as a red fox). She has small black eyes and a long bushy tail with white on the end. Her inner-ear is tan, while her nose is dark brown.


As a teacher, Mrs. Jenkins is very kind and caring to her students. She is very motherly and considerate, and makes sure to help her students without entirely doing everything for them, so that they can determine what to do for themselves if able. While nice, she can also be strict if she feels that she must, to ensure that the students are safe and everything remains fine. It is in her nature to be kind to everyone, even to those who may not be in her class, such as Henry and Miss Appleberry.


Mrs. Jenkins wears a purple dress with an emerald-green jacket and red heels to match her glasses.


Mrs. Jenkins is always helping Yoko.


  • She is the second character shown normally wearing shoes. The first is Lily.
    • They are also both foxes; but they are not related.
    • Both of them wear red shoes.
  • Although she is married, her husband makes no appearances in the series and was only mentioned in the episode, "Just In Time," in which her maiden name, Abercrombie is also revealed.
  • She is most likely between the age of forty and fifty. In Just In Time, Henry mentions that twenty years ago, he was one of her students back when, as mentioned above, she was Miss Abercrombie.
  • She was based on Rosemary Wells, the author of the series.