Voiced By

Mag Ruffman

Lilly is a character featured in Timothy Goes To School.


Physical Appearance

Lilly is a light orange fox girl with black triangle-shaped eyes and a brown nose. Her inner-ear is pale pink-tan, and she has a white tipped tail.


Very sweet and gentle, Lilly is a kind fox girl who struggles to remember things. She is not shown to be very clumsy, and can be smart at times. Normally bright and cheery, she's usually in a good mood. As her mother explains, "her head is filled with sunshine".

She has shown to be well-aware of what others think about her, and whenever other children express concern that she can't do something, she feels sad. She is slightly reserved at times.


Lilly wears a bright orange sweater with white buttons over a pastel turquoise skirt. She wears red and white sneakers. For bed she wears a light green nightgown.



As another gentle student, Charles is one of her best friends. He is always patient with her, even if she may let him down or make a mistake - and in return, she is always kind and generous to Charles. On Valentines Day, she and Charles made a special card for each other to symbolize how close they are.


Another of the male students Lilly can be found with. Like Charles, he is also very patient with Lily and appreciates her friendship and kindness. In fact, during the race episode, he is her buddy in the races.

Girl Students

The other girl students are also good friends with Lilly, as they all understand she needs patience at times. She bonded with Grace at times, and was normally seen hanging out with Nora or Yoko. However, Doris is one of the only children to get impatient or disappointed with her whenever she messes up or forgets something, and only get along at some points.

Mrs. Jenkins

Mrs. Jenkins often watches over Lilly and takes her time with her. She normally checks to make sure she is okay and often offers to help her.


As the bus driver, Henry often offers Lilly advice whenever he sees that she is in need of it. He often chats with her during the bus rides, and usually reminds her to make sure she doesn't forget anything. He expresses happiness when she does well.


  • She is the only student normally found wearing shoes as part of her normal attire.
    • She is also the second fox character to be shown in shoes.
  • In one episode, Lilly revealed that she was born somewhere that was always warm and never snowed.
  • Her aunt Millicent is a florist, and she has shown interest in becoming one herself.
  • She hates mustard.
  • Peppermint gives her tummy aches.
  • Lilly likes sandwiches with meat and cheese on them.
    • Besides Doris, Lilly is one of the only children known to eat meat.
  • She has a pet goldfish named Treasure.
  • She has been absent in "Red Thunder" & "The Treefort and the Sandcastle."