"In The Spotlight" is episode 25. It first aired on November 11, 2000.

In the Spotlight


It's Charles' turn for In The Spotlight, but he is unable to overcome his shyness to speak in front of everyone.


On a windy autumn day the children are outside playing while Henry collects leaves. Timothy approaches to ask Henry if he has seen Charles, but as it turns out, Charles was in the leaf pile. Charles thanks Henry, but Timothy returns, revealing that he heard them.

Inside, Grace uses her In The Spotlight time to go over various dancing shoes and how much she loves to dance. Everyone claps for her as Mrs. Jenkins announces that Charles will be going next. Everyone starts to ask him what he plans to do, but Charles claims it is a surprise. As he arrives him, he greets his dad. He announces what he will be doing before admitting to not having any ideas. His dad suggests that Charles selects something he really likes to talk about, and Charles thinks about his toy dump truck, his dad, and leaves; which is what he really, really likes.

The following day, Charles walks around before showing Timothy some leaf. Timothy compliments his knowledge on leaves and asks if this will be his surprise, and Charles confirms it before showing Frank and Frank as he hides behind Timothy. Although he knows what he wants to do, he's still really shy.

In class, everyone is busy doing some art. Charles uses this time to categorize the huge pile of leaf he collected when Mrs. Jenkins approaches. She asks if he is ready, but Charles says no. He collects more leaves using this time, with the aid of Timothy. He claims he still isn't ready though and runs off to grab more, and upon arriving home, he sadly makes his way to his bedroom. He adds the ones he brought home with him before observing a tray of items he collected and plans to use for In The Spotlight.

While waiting for the bus, Charles finds another leaf to collect. At school, Timothy asks if he is ready for In The Spotlight, causing Charles to admit that he isn't very good at talking in front of others. He's kind of scared about having to stand in front of everyone, so Timothy offers to help him. They go to Charles's place after school ends, and Timothy has him practice by going over his presentation with him. However, Charles panics and runs to hide in his closet.

After Timothy gets him out, Charles resumes, but he continues to struggle and asks Timothy to stop looking at him. This only works for a moment though, because Charles saw Timothy peek at him. Timothy tries to run out of the room in hopes of aiding Charles, and this seems to work for a few minutes. But when his dad asks to listen as well, Charles quickly runs into his closet to hide again.

While sitting outside of his place, the boys enjoy a snack while Timothy's mom approaches to pick him up. This gives Charles the idea to have Timothy help him out for In The Spotlight, instead of making himself do it.

The next day at School, Charles has Timothy learn everything that he is able to teach him. Which seems to work at first until Timothy struggles a little. Charles is able to slowly, naturally start to speak for himself and make conversation with everyone. He offers to give Yoko some red maple leaves after she offers to bring him some leaves from her Japanese tree at home. She asks that he tells them about more leaves, and eventually Charles finishes his presentation, much to his classmates disappointment.

Charles then goes on to claim that the leaves can dance and has Timothy open the window to show them how the wind causes the leaves to fly around the room. He is very happen to have been able to do In The Spotlight after all, and Timothy comes back over to agree.