In The Spotlight is a special event that occurs at Hilltop school from time-to-time. The children will take turns to show off something they have recently obtained that is special to them, or use the time to discuss a special moment that occured.


Name Character Summary
Timothy Goes to School None None
Yoko None None
On The Fritz Timothy Planned on showing everyone the objects he collected from the Beach.
The Great Obstacle Course None None
Shy Charles None None
Small Change None None
Don't Lose It Lily None None
Frankless Frank None None
Paint by Numbers None None
The Sleepover None None
The Music Tree
Team Project
Cherry Blossom None None
Talent Show
Scary Monsters
Lifesaver Lily
Red Thunder
Putting It All Together
The Big Snowfall
Forever Friends None None
Taking The Plunge None None
Timothy's Way Everyone The entire episode revolved around this. The children showed everyone their talents.
The Treefort and the Sandcastle None None
Get Well Soon Frank and Frank They show everyone the cars they got from watching a race with their dad. They explained how it worked, then prepared to spray the class with a bottle of drink until Miss Appleberry stopped them.
In the Spotlight Grace, Charles,

Another episode revolving around it, with Charles trying to face his fears of speaking in front of everyone.

Grace shows everyone her dance shoes, while Charles shows his leaf collection.

Fritz on the Move None None
Many Happy Returns None None
You're Invited None None
The Greatest
Rocky Friendship
Two for Tea Yoko Yoko and her Mother put on a Japanese Tea Ceremony.
The Taketombo Yoko She shows everyone the Taketombo toy sent to her from Japan. After the Franks help to fix the one they broke, they show everyone how to make them.
Having A Wonderful Time
The Shutterbug
The Friendship Stone
New Found Franks
When I Grow Up
Full Of Beans None None
The School Play
Read Me a Story None None
The Gift None None
Measuring Up None None
Lost and Found Yoko, the Franks

She showed everyone the Netske family given to her by her Mother. 

The Franks showed everyone their favorite toy trucks.

Professor Fritz
Two Tutu Friends Grace Her recent skills learned from Ballet Class.
My Family
Just In Time None None
Charles The Athlete
Be My Valentine None None
Mama Don't Go None None
Making New Friends None None


  • In two episodes, In the Spotlight had been ruined. Once when Fritz got paint on Timothy's items, and another when the Franks broke Yoko's taketombo.
    • However, in both cases, the problem was fixed and it was resumed later.