Voiced By

Laurie Elliott

Fritz is a character featured in Timothy Goes to School


Physical Appearance

Fritz is a young skunk with dark grey fur. His inner-ear is pink, while he has a big white marking on his face and tail. His nose and eyes are black.


Fritz is a very smart and studious skunk. He adores anything science-related and has a huge imagination - which he often puts to good use whenever creativity is involved. Such as building space-related things he made up, or using some outside of the box methods in projects. His smarts are admired by the rest of the class, and he gets complimented fairly often, but when something doesn't work right he sometimes gets depressed until he gets encouraged to keep going. He used to be very messy and didn't think before trying to make something new, until he realized how problematic this was.

He is very mature with his thought process, and is nice to the others. While he is the intellectual type, he also enjoys other activities and isn't shy - as his initial personality may lead one to think.


Normally Fritz wears a light yellow T-shirt with a gold collar and sleeve cuffs. Around his neck is a melon-colored tie, which he later trades for a green vest after he returns to the school after temporarily moving away.

He has also been seen in: 

  • A Magician hat and cape
  • Swim wear
  • Pajamas
  • Winter Clothing



Fritz is very kind to Lily, even when she forgets something. He is shown with her a lot of the time and is probably one of her closer friends, due to his kindness and understanding. In fact, he was her buddy in the races.


Fritz and Timothy are shown to be good friends early on during the series, sharing various things with each other before anyone else.


  • A Elisia resembling Fritz is in Grace's ballet class.
    • There is also a girl raccoon that resembles Timothy.
  • In the episode "The Music Tree," his favorite snack is revealed to be oven-dried orange slices.
  • Fritz's father is never mentioned in the series.