Frank and Frank




French Bulldog



Voiced By

Darren Frost (1) and Rob Stefaniuk (2)

Frank and Frank are twin characters featured in Timothy Goes To School


Physical Appearance

A pair of twin french bulldogs They both have white facial markings with one eye covered, Frank 1 with his left eye, while 2 has his right eye covered. Frank 1 is dark grey while Frank 2 is orange. They both gave pink inner-ear and a black nose to match their eyes.


A pair of twins who speak in unison for most things. They are both slow-minded and can be rude or cause problems without meaning to - usually due to being clumsy or not thinking things through. However, they are also friendly and they try their best to help others and show this. They are mostly caring for others, and they are  very talented when it comes to sports. Out of the two of them, Frank 2 seems to be a bit more mature or behaved. While Frank 1 is a bit more energetic and spirited.


Both Franks wear a sports jersey with long sleeves. Frank 1 wears a blue variant with a 1 on it, while Frank 2's is green with a white 2 on it. For bed time they can be shown wearing each others colors.



The Franks are friends with Timothy due to having bonded with him. Sometimes they get together during days off from school or afterwards to hang out or play. Timothy helped them handle dealing with being on their own.

Fritz and Claude

They can usually be found with one or the other, if not both of them during school. They all enjoy playing sports together and share similar senses of humor.


The Franks appear to be very kind to her.


  • The Franks are the only kindergarteners to be voiced by men. All the other male students are voiced by actual young boys (Timothy and Charles) or women (Fritz and Claude).
  • Their father is Big Frank.
  • It is unknown why the Franks do not appear to have a mother.
  • A running gag throughout the series is when the two brothers fight on who goes first. Frank #1 says "Me before you, me first!", Frank #2 repeats what Frank #1 says and then they both say "Okay, we'll both go first!" and they chanted. "Go Franks Go!" repeatedly.
  • Although the Franks are twins, it is never known which one is older or by how long.