There is a total of 3 Seasons and a total of 26 episodes split into 2-episode formats for a total of 52 eleven-minute episodes between November 25, 2000 to February 20, 2006.

Seasons 1-3 Episodes

Name Summary # Airdate
Timothy goes to school first day Episode

Timothy Goes to School 

Excited, Timothy goes to school for the first time. He does not know his new classmate's except for Doris.

Saving a seat for Timmothy he travels with her to Hilltop School meet their new teacher: Mrs. Jenkins.

A New Animainium Species Student will arrives the next day: Her name is Yoko. Timmothy will meet her on the secound Day.

(All my favorite Things and)

(International Food Day)

1 November 25, 2000
Yoko starts to feel left out as the others students mock her Japanese Heritage: Sea-food.

 In hopes of changing the other children's minds, Mrs. Jenkins holds a multi-cultural International Food Day.  

 All classmate must share and try a piece, or a bite. 

Try them all. 

2 November 25, 2000
Timothy goes to school dont lose lt lilly (103)

Don't Lose It Lily

Charles tries/ not giving up hope no matter how bad it seems, he does his best to attempt to help Lilly, aid her in remembering things. They become eventually best friends.
 (Ice cream Truck:)  

First Time: Lilly forgets: Misplaces her coin:  

3 December 2, 2000
Timohy goes to school frankless frank (104)

Frankless Frank

After Frank #1 gets a fever and had to miss school, Frank #2 has to deal with being on his own without his older brother with him. All alone or is he?  4 December 2, 2000
Timohy goes to school scary montshers (105)

Scary Monsters

Nora is extremely frightened by dinosaurs: Miss. Jenkins and the Class will not leave the bus without her.

Partnership with Timmothy, the class try to help her get over her fears, by showing her that not all of Dinosaurs are scary.

5 December 9, 2000
Timohy goes to school lifesaver lilly (106)

Lifesaver Lily

Winter Blizzard: The Class

Gold Fish: (Goldy):

Lily is depressed to learn that nobody trusts her due to being so forgetful.

Blizzard incident, School shut down. Lilly is forced to take matters into her own hands, proving to be dependable when it really matters.

6 December 9, 2000
Timothy goes to school shy charles (107)

Shy Charles

Charles is known for being shy and keeping to himself, but after bonding with him Timothy he learns that there is more to his new friend that meets the eye. 7 December 16, 2000
Timothy goes to school small changes (108)

Small Change

Switch Change:

Nora struggles to accept the her quarter bed room is being resigned and the classroom partners seating is been re-arranged throughout the day.

Over time she starts to see that change can be a good thing,

Not everything will remains the same Forever.

8 December 16, 2000
Timohy goes to school painting ny numbers (109)

Paint by Numbers

As the class learns about Art, Doris feels left out when nobody, Nigher her class or her family understands her artwork, with the exception of Charles. 9 December 23, 2000
Timohy goes to school the sleepover (110)

The Sleepover

The Frank's is staying over at Timmothy house for the day, Frank and Frankinson father has to work at a far away place. Telling his "Boys to mind their matters".

Timmothy is worried Frank and Frankinson does not want to eat with Utensils that is fit for a Youngster Kindergarten/ Pull out the real extensive Utensil's.

Timmothy is worried they might make fun of his stuffed penguin who helps Timmothy sleep at night. They tried to prove that they do not need it,

only to Make themselves more Nervous.

10 December 23, 2000
Timohy goes to school the greatest (111)

The Greatest

Timothy earns Nora's admiration, after his rescue's mission to search and find the Decko Lizard.

He is given responsibility Active Duty task; Timmothy may or may not able to handle: It is Too Much!

Does not admit he needs a helping hand also soon to regret his decision, when the other children become dependent on him.

"Do Worry Timothy can handle it!"

11 January 15, 2001
Timohy goes to school on the fitz (112)

On The Fritz

Fritz unknowingly makes a lot of mess- but after the Franks hear him blame the "Mess Fairy", they decide to make a bunch of messes in class; causing him to realize what really happened. 12 January 15, 2001
Timohy goes to school the Great obstacle course (113)

The Great Obstacle Course

The Children enjoy a day outside, but Claude and Grace are set on winning- rather then having fun. 13 Janruary 26, 2001
Timohy goes to school cherry blossom (114)

Cherry Blossom

Yoko grows a Cherry Blossom Tree but has to learn to be patient since it will take a long time.  14 February 2, 2001
Timohy goes to school talent show (115)

Talent Show

Out of all the students, Grace is the most excited for the Talent Show. But she is devastated after she gets hurt and can no longer participate.  15 February 2, 2001
Timohy goes to school the shutterbug (116)

The Shutterbug

Timothy is inspired to follow in his Fathers foot steps and gets into photography. But he isn't confident in his skills - until he realizes just how special his pictures really are. 16 February 9, 2001
Timothy goes to school filz on the move (117)

Fritz on the Move

Timothy learns to cope with losing a friend after Fritz reveals he is to moving away. 17 April 20, 2001
Timohy goes to school manny happy returns (118)

Many Happy Returns

After vacation passes and the children return to school, Timothy receives a surprise that nobody expected! 18 April 20, 2001
Timohy goes to school tea for two (119)

Two for Tea

Yoko and her Mother plan to show everyone a Japanese Tea Cermony. But Nora tries to help after believing it may not be the same, as good as her own families. 19 April 27, 2001
Timohy goes to school abracadabra (120)


Grace steals Fritz' magic trick but he incidentally blames Timothy. Timothy claims he is innocent and attempts to convince Grace to tell the truth. 20 April 27, 2001
Timohy goes to school rocky friendship (121)

Rocky Friendship

Fritz and Charles both claim ownership over a rock they spotted at the very same time. They ask Timothy to decide who should keep it, causing him to worry over a tough decision. 21 September 7, 2001
Timothy goes to school you re lnvited (122)

You're Invited

Doris fears she has not been a good friend to Lilly, when she thinks she did not get invited to her birthday party. 22 September 7, 2001
Timohy goes to school the music tree (123)

The Music Tree

Yoko is a talented violinist- but due to stage fright she struggles to perform in front of others. 23 October 5, 2001

Team Project

Timothy chooses Claude as his partner for a project, thinking it would will be more fun.

Claude refuses to let him join in or do any of the work, leaving Timmothy out of the Partnership Picture:

Should have been for both of them; a shared Idea.

24 October 12, 2001
Timohy goes to school the treeport and the sand castle (201)

The Treefort and the Sandcastle

After the boys refuse to let the girls hang out into their tree house, the girls retaliate by forming their own group.

Two sides soon are divided, Separation spread begins,

even in class.

25 January 21, 2002
Timohy goes to school get well soon (202)

Get Well Soon

Miss Appleberry substitutes for Mrs. Jenkins after an injury. To help her feel better, everyone makes a get well card for their Home room teacher, but Fritz decides to do a little more. 26 January 21, 2002
Timothy goes to school red thunder (203)

Red Thunder

The children enjoy Bike Safety Day at school. But after Timothy saw Doris' older brothers jumping up the Ramp.

 Timmothy carelessly tries to follow, lead by example by trying a copy dare stunt while playing with The Frank's. 

 The Problem: They were warned! 

27 February 15, 2002
Timothy goes to school forever friends (204)

Forever Friends

The bond between Timothy and Yoko is temporarily strained when she begins to spend her time with Grace. Timmothy is given an Invitation. 28 May 18, 2002
Timothy goes to school messaring up (205)

Measuring Up

Measuring Up: Charles dislikes knowing that he is the shortest in the class.

Today! the whole class recognizes something seem different about Charles.

Could be perhaps his side; He grew a little taller.

29 June 1, 2002
Timothy goes to school lost and found (206)

Lost and Found

Yoko's precious Netsuke dolls are stolen after she brings them to school. 30 June 1, 2002
Timothy goes to school putting all together (207)

Putting It All Together

The Class is offered a surprise if they are able to complete a Special Puzzle in an Hour. 31 June 8, 2002
Timohy goes to school the big snowfall (208)

The Big Snowfall

Snow Day: Doris is asked to be an escort. To show Lilly what fun she could have in winter. But Doris would rather do other things, wined up neglecting her task duties. 32 June 15, 2002
Timohy goes to school takeing the pluge (209)

Taking The Plunge

Claude is unable to swim, so Timothy gives him secret swim lessons to make him feel better.  33 June 21, 2002
Timothy goes to school timothy`s way (210)

Timothy's Way

Everyone is asked to teach the rest of the class something special; but Timothy is unable to think of anything that only he can do. 34 June 28, 2002
Timothy goes to school my family (211)

My Family

Nora regrets having a baby brother after he messed up her Day. Both soon realizes that they have a lot in common. 35 September 20, 2002
Timothy goes to school just in time (212)

Just In Time

Henry has a surprise for the whole class; A Treasure Box.

Lilly begins to regret her decision of putting her favorite Doll in the Time Capsule, for the next Generation to see.  

36 September 20, 2002
Timothy goes to school the school play (213 nicktoons) (215)

The School Play

Yoko's Classmate: starts to treat Yoko differently after she is chosen to play the script roll the Cavity.

Trying to refill the script to give it someone else she found the role undesirable.

Yoko found away to change the possible roll script to her advantage, making it different without changing the script.

   "I wish I thought of that!" 

37 November 22, 2002
Timothy goes to school in the spotlight (214)

In the Spotlight

It is Charles's turn to be in the spot-Light. Charles chosen a Project: Tree-Leaves.

Timothy tries to guide him to get over his shyness, to only give representation to replace Charles for Timmothy.

The Problem: Timmothy had to crammed studied just learn since yesterday while making lots of mistakes.

Eventually Charles took over the project and Represented him self, Getting over his fear.

38 January 28, 2003
Timothy goes to school the friendship stone (215)

The Friendship Stone

Nora and Lilly exchange their lucky items to one-another as a sign of friendship. After Lilly accidentally lost Nora's lucky stone, she worries their friendship may be over. 39 January 28, 2003
Timothy goes to school full of beans (216)

Full Of Beans

The Frank's are practical jokers Play Pranks on all their classmates.

The children

Isolate themselves keeping away from them. The Students are upset, Annoy with The Frank Brother's.

Because they took their joke: way too far. 

40 September 1, 2003
Timothy goes to school prosetter filz (217).

Professor Fritz

First Test: After something goes wrong, Fritz begins to question his smarts. As the Open House approaches, Timothy tries to encourage him to keep trying.  41 June 8, 2004
Timothy goes to school two tutu friends (218).

Two Tutu Friends

Grace grows closer to Doris during ballet class.

However their friendship is tested after Doris blabs about an accident that happen to Grace.

Dance Partners decided to spit up

Exchanging Dance Partners. 

42 October 11, 2004
Timothy goes to school tell me a story (219)

Read Me a Story

Nora worries that her special bonding time with her mother will stop now that she is learning to read. Trying her best not to grow up.  43 October 29, 2004
Timothy goes to school the gift (220).

The Gift

Craftship: Nora fears Yoko will not like her gift when she is unable to afford anything too expensive. 44 October 29, 2004
Timothy goes to school new franks found (301).

New Found Franks

Tired of being treated as a union team, the Brotherly Bond Frank Twin's, separate, spit apart and played with others students.

A Reminder to everyone how Individually/ different they are while having fun.

45 October 7, 2005
Timothy goes to school when i grow up. (302)

When I Grow Up

Yoko always dreamed of becoming a violinist; but after a while she starts to consider herself becoming a Teacher instead.

Meanwhile, Nora struggles trying to discover to what type of various career she want to get into, she is not sure.  

46 October 14, 2005
Timothy goes to school the taketombo (303)

The Taketombo

The Franks accidentally break Yoko's special new Toy. So they try hard, to make it up to her to fix the problem. 47 October 21, 2005
Timothy goes to school mama dont go (304).

Mama Don't Go

A new student arrives to class, but she is very dependent on her Mother and fears being without her.

So Yoko tries to bond with her in hopes of helping her become more independent, meanwhile Timothy helps her make new friends.

48 November 11, 2005
Timothy goes to school did you have a wonderful time (305)

Having A Wonderful Time

During a class trip, Lilly worries Grace isn't having any fun.

Seeing that she is overly equiptively prepared for any situation, no matter what the wheather is about brings.

49 January 16, 2006
Timothy goes to school making new friends (306).

Making New Friends

Timothy tries to help Juanita make friends as she struggles to fit in with the other students.  50 February 13, 2006
Timothy goes to school Charlies the athete (307).

Charles The Athlete

Thinking Charles felt sad that he isn't good at being athletic. The Frank's try to teach him Athleticism however Charles has other plans. 51 February 20, 2006
Timothy goes to school be my valentine. (308)

Be My Valentine

Lilly, Yoko, Charles, and Timothy decide to make Valentine Cards for each other. But they are left wondering who gave them their cards after a mix-up. 52 February 20, 2006