Don't Lose it Lilly

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October 13, 2000

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Don't Lose it Lilly is the seventh episode of Timothy Goes to School.


Lilly is very forgetful, but with some help from an understanding classmate she learns to keep trying.


One day everyone is drawing when Charles notices Lily is beneath him. Her pencil has gone missing, but Doris approaches to point out its on top of her head. She crawls back from underneath the chair and stops when Mrs. Jenkins points out her shoelace has come untied. Lily ties it, with her helping her double knot the strings and then she resumes drawing until she notices Charles has finished his drawing. She joins him at the wall to hang hers up and they discuss how much they enjoy each others pictures.

Mrs. Jenkins announces that it is now lunch time and has the children grab their boxes. But Lily is unable to find hers and she asks the rest of the class to lend Lily a hand.

Charles manages to find it beneath a desk and with that, they all sit down to eat. Charles joins Lily and she thanks him for helping her. They then swap half of their sandwiches, delighted by the fact they both got to squish the bread together when their mothers made it earlier. Charles happens to notice the string on Lily's finger and brings it up, causing her to recall that Mrs. Jenkins tied it onto her finger - saying it should help her remember things more clearly. However, it has yet to work.

And so, throughout the school day Charles helps Lily and they bond. Charles helps Lily keep track of her pencil, and later she shows him the spider picture she drew; accidentally startling Doris again. Mrs. Jenkins then calls everyone for recess and they run outside.

Charles and Lily decide to play hide and seek when Timothy approaches. He asks Charles to play with him, but after he announces he is busy playing with Lily, Timothy asks if they can play later. By then, they decide to play until the Ice Cream truck arrives; but Lily suddenly realizes she forgot to ask for a nickel. Charles agrees to share his ice cream if she will hold a spot in line. She agrees and quickly runs over to the line with Timothy.

As they stand in line, everyone anxiously anticipates the arrival of the truck. To pass a few minutes they all make jokes until Lily notices she forgot her scarf. When Timothy recalls she had it on back when they were playing, she runs off to try to find it. Just as Charles arrives to ask why she isn't there. When Timothy tells him what happened Charles runs off to try to help her locate it.

By the time they happen to find it, they return just as Grace gets the last ice cream. Charles sadly stands in disappointment while Lily expresses remorse and the truck drives away. As the rain starts pouring down on them and the Children run by, Lily suddenly remembers she tied the string on her finger to remember to bring her umbrella.

When Lily arrives home her mother greets her, but she expresses disappointment upon realizing she incidentally forgot her lunchbox on the bus. Her mom claims its to be okay and she gets another from the shelf, then she sits down to ask Lily about her day. As she recalls it, she brings up how much Charles has been helping her - so her mother tells Lily to thank him.

The following morning, Lily's mother gives her a nickel for ice cream and she boards the bus, where she shows Charles it.

After they arrive at school, Lily shows that she is able to remember better than the day prior. She is able to locate her pencil and her lunchbox, and at recess she plays hide and seek very well. However, when the ice cream truck arrives again she realizes her nickel has gone missing. Charles, Timothy, and Yoko attempt to help her but she is unable to remember. Charles points out he still has two nickels and offers to share one with her and Lily agrees, offering to buy them the ice creams that day. He agrees and Lily pushes her way through the line to quickly get the ice cream.

Unfortunately, Lily forgot about the second ice cream and allows it to melt while she eats the other one. By the time Charles finds her, she suddenly recalls what she was doing and finds that its melted and inedible. She apologizes to Charles for the mistake and they work together to trace her steps in an attempt to find her nickel.

They bump into Mrs. Jenkins, who points out that Lily's shoe needs to be tied again. As she sits down to tie it she suddenly remembers her nickel was put in there and takes it out. She uses this to get an ice cream for Charles and he congratulates her for remembering. But suddenly, she happens to notice her shoe has gone missing - causing them to laugh.



  • Lily is shown wearing a scarf in this episode for unknown reason. She does not wear it again for the rest of the series.
  • Lily mentions the title to herself in "Scary Monsters."
  • On Qubo, the following scenes were edited out or shortened:
    • The first scene of Doris noticing Charles' drawing is shortened and she is shown running away.
    • Doris makes a remark regarding how forgetful Lily is.
    • After the rain starts, Charles is shown standing with Lily as the others run inside and she suddenly recalls what the string on her finger was for. It was to remember that she needed an umbrella that day.
    • Lily shows Charles the nickel her mom gave her for ice cream after she gets on the bus.


  • Lily's picture keeps changing between shots and at one point the sun on it goes missing. It reappears later when Lily shows Mrs. Jenkins what her lunchbox looks like.
  • While waiting for ice cream, the line of children switches order in various shots.
  • Despite just getting ice cream the children aren't shown to have them when the storm starts, even though it just occured right after.
  • Lily was shown drawing an elephant and it has no color on it. After she remembers where her pencil is, its suddenly colored blue. But she is shown just adding a small amount of color afterwards, and the elephant is bare of color again.
  • When Lily is under the table looking for her pencil the first time, her scarf vanishes and disappears throughout the scene.
  • Everyone was told to get their lunches, but after Mrs. Jenkins asks Lily about her missing lunchbox they are all shown off doing their own things, not eating or sitting down to eat.
  • Lilly was shown holding her pencil with the point up. This is considered highly dangerous and usually mention will be called to it, but here it was not.
  • The flower drawing on the table had pink coloring, but there are no pink colored pencils on the table.
    • There was also red in Charles' picture, but no red pencil.
  • When Lilly asks where Charles is, she says "Where's Charl".
  • The String on Lilly's finger keeps vanishing throughout the episode.